[A-Radio in English] Anarchist Black Cross Czech: Antifenix Presentation

In the end of November of 2016 we had the opportunity of recording a presentation in Berlin by the Anarchist Black Cross in Czech Republic on the topic of Operation Fenix. The talk comprised the following topics: a short review of what had happened, the use of the term „terrorism“, the topic of solidarity in Czech Republic and in general, a reflection on mistakes and how to deal with repression and police infiltrators, and finally the current development of the anarchist movement in that country.

Length: 1:11 h

You can download the audio at: archive.org (mp3 | ogg).

Here you can listen to it directly:

You‘ll find a previous interview in English on our blog.

More information (also in other languages) is to be found on the blog of the Antifenix group.

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